Linked – LinkedIn doubles down on education with LinkedIn Learning, updates desktop site

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LinkedIn, the social network for the working world that now has some 450 million members and is in the process of being acquired by Microsoft for $26.2 billion, today took the wraps off its newest efforts to expand its site beyond job hunting and recruitment, its two business mainstays. The company has launched a new site called LinkedIn Learning, an ambitious e-learning portal tailored to individuals, but also catering to businesses looking to keep training their employees, and beyond that even educational institutions exploring e-learning courses.

This is a really interesting idea. It makes a lot of sense too.
Currently, being a LinkedIn Premium member is nice when you’re looking for a job, or recruiting, but beyond that it’s nice, but maybe not worth much. With this addition, suddenly being a premium member could also be part of a life long learning strategy or career development.

That makes for an intriguing tool.

LinkedIn doubles down on education with LinkedIn Learning, updates desktop site

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