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Linked – Why the silencing of KrebsOnSecurity opens a troubling chapter for the ‘Net

The growing supply of IoT malware is creating a tipping point in the denial-of-service domain that’s giving relatively unsophisticated actors capabilities that were once reserved only for the most elite of attackers. And that, in turn, represents a threat to the Internet as we know it.

“The biggest threats as far as I’m concerned in terms of censorship come from these ginormous weapons these guys are building,” Krebs said. “The idea that tools that used to be exclusively in the hands of nation states are now in the hands of individual actors, it’s kind of like the specter of a James Bond movie.”

This is why many of us talk about the security of IoT devices and fear for the lack of security built in to them. Turn enough of those devices and point them to any resource, and you can cripple it, and it takes almost no skill to do this any more. Think of the repercussions of such a thing.

We already exist in a world where various groups can take to social media and target people, by trolling them, digging in to their private lives, targeting their employment, etc. We also live in a world when any online resource can simply be “disappeared” like this. I fear that we are not prepared to deal with that.


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