Google Plus Rolls Out Pages, Still No RSS Import

Before I made any comments about Google Plus’ new Pages feature, I wanted to take a look for myself. So I created a page for my website.Feel free to add it to your circles if you’re interested.

The first obvious lacking feature, much like the most obvious lacking feature of Plus in general, is the complete lack of any tool to bring in updated content from my website, into the Google Plus platform. As this has gone on, I am coming to the conclusion that this is not an oversight, or a technical glitch that Google hasn’t quite worked out yet. This is a company willingly ignoring the requests for that feature, because they do not want you posting content from outside the Google walled garden. So, instead of posting content here, and allowing the wonders of RSS to share that content on any social network you want to follow me on, be it Twitter, Facebook, or just in an RSS Reader, I will have to actually go over to Google Plus, and share this post manually.

What a waste when Google could save all of us that effort very easily, if they wanted to. Obviously, they don’t.

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