Linked: Everyone Got the Dutch Teen ‘Euthanasia’ Story Wrong

But wait, I’ve been assured by Facebook, and other internet companies that these outlets are “trustworthy”, so what’s the deal here?

“News of this tragedy reached international audiences via a flurry of media reports that implied or outright said that the state had officially granted Pothoven’s euthanasia application. But initial reports in Dutch media said no such thing, as POLITICO Europe reporter Naomi O’Leary was the first to point out.

Outlets such as The Daily Mail (London), The Daily Beast, and EuroNews “are all wrong,” tweeted O’Leary. On Wednesday morning “It took me about 10 mins to check with the reporter who wrote the original Dutch story.””

Not to sound like a nutty conspiracy theorist, but the reality is that in 2019, everyone gets stuff wrong in the rush to post, especially when it’s a nice juicy topic that will be sure to get people riled up on all sides of a debate. How can we truly expect social media platforms to tell us which media outlets are telling us the truth?

Maybe we should just be a little skeptical of everyone, and if the story you read online makes you angry, maybe take a pause before you start sharing it and responding to it. It might just turn out to be nothing like you thought.

And media folks, take the freaking 10 minutes to do a little research. It is your job after all.


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