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Linked – Be empathetic about mental health in the workplace

This is true.

People with mental health conditions often have episodes where they feel worse from time to time, much like MS or rheumatoid arthritis. When they return to work after a mental health leave, co-workers are often reluctant to talk to them, for fear of saying the wrong thing. It’s not uncommon to hear about coworkers avoiding walking past someone’s desk and chatting with them, or leaving them out of plans for group outings or lunches.

This does not go unnoticed — and it hurts.

Someone you work with right now is probably dealing with some sort of mental health problem, and maybe even needing to take time, or adjust their schedule because of it. The same way someone dealing with physical therapy after an injury, or cancer treatments has to rearrange their work life and schedule. Try and be consistent about how you treat anyone in those situations. That’s literally, all they need from you.

That’s not so hard is it?

For more, read the whole thing.

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