Big Stink Over a Simple Link

Big Stink Over a Simple Link

Let me just say it now, in case anyone is worried about the legal ramifications, I don’t care if you link to my site, please do. Not only do I not require a “linking agreement” but if you show up often enough as a referrer, you’ll get a thanks here on the blog. And if I really like your site, I’ll link back, without even asking for a “linking agreement”. Unless, of course you require one in order for me to link to you, in which case, I will continue to ignore you and not link to you, because you are unworthy of my link….

Now, of course it should also be stated that if the ‘net goes in the direction of requiring “linking agreements” before I can link to anyone online, I will just stop linking altogether. That would be too much petty legal work, and would kill any and all enjoyment I actually get from doing this. 🙂

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