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Linked: How to engage employees to take time off

It’s often said that we Americans are pretty horrible about taking time off and truly taking it off. In fact, we’ve become so poor at it that this actually has become necessary in many cases.

We’ve all heard of “Summer Fridays,” but increasingly, firms across industries, including technology and retail, are shutting down their offices in the name of employee wellbeing for up to a week, many for the first time.

Closing the office for days or weeks during the summer or around the winter holidays shows that we are putting our money where our mouth is.

Imagine being so bad at disconnecting from work, or letting your coworkers and employees truly disconnect, that the only way to actually get them to take a significant break from working is to close the business down for some time.

What does that say about our society, and our values?

I don’t like what it says, and I don’t like knowing that I work in an industry that is notoriously bad about it and also won’t be shutting down the office any time soon either. How do we make sure we rise above this in our own workplaces, and as individuals?


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