Mental Health Matters

Linked: 16% of workers think their mental health is supported

That’s not a high number at all. It’s quite disappointing, to be honest.

“New data has revealed that only 16% of UK employees feel their mental health is very well supported at work, despite 81% wanting their organisation to encourage good mental wellbeing.”

Now, before we assume this is just a UK thing, I’d be willing the bet other countries are likely not to be much higher, if at all. Do you disagree?

This should be a wake-up call for all management. The people who work for you are dealing with A LOT OF STUFF right now, and expecting them to just stay calm and continue producing without a second thought to how they are coping, or what their mental health status is, will end up losing you some good employees.

They, we, need more than platitudes about work-life balance, or burnout. We need real, actionable, changes that allow people to feel like they are more than just a number at the bottom of a productivity spreadsheet.

Because if my value to my team is only a factor of productivity versus cost, and not as a human being, why should I put my own mental wellbeing at risk for you?

That makes no sense, and we are seeing more and more people recognize this fact. Either figure out how to support the human beings who work for you, or stop hiring them.

At least that way you aren’t actively harming anyone with your job.

16% of workers think their mental health is supported

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