Linked – Facebook Tests Replacing ‘Share’ with ‘Message’ Option on News Feed Posts

Given the trends, especially among younger users, this makes sense. If they are gravitating towards sharing things privately, versus publicly, Facebook would probably do well to make this change.

“What you post on social media stays forever, and can be seen by your parents, your grandparents, and anyone else who might care to take a look.

That element appears to have pushed people towards more private sharing – on the back of this, Snapchat essentially rose to prominence as the anti-Facebook, with a focus on private, disappearing messages that couldn’t be pinned to your public record. Since then, messaging apps have continued to rise, and the latest Facebook data scandals look set to amplify this even further, pushing more and more engagement across to messages and enclosed groups.”

On the other hand, if no one is actually trying to share things in FB messenger, then removing the share button will pretty much destroy any value publishers would get from having a Facebook Page. There would be virtually no way to increase the reach of posts without paying for ads, because no one would be able to share them to a wider audience.

Unless, of course, they know that people are already sharing links in private messages, which also means they are monitoring the contents of private messages…

Which we kind of knew, right?


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