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Linked – Talent Development—Let’s Get These Myths Out of the Way!

The myths mentioned include one about how people are going to job-hop these days, so there’s no point. Still, amidst all of the survey numbers that talk about people being willing to leave for better opportunities, it might be essential to keep this one at the top of your mind:

The report notes that 94 percent of employees will stay at a job if their professional development needs are met.

Imagine having one thing you can do that would give you a 94% retention rate. There is one, though it won’t be as simple as doing one thing. It will involve figuring out the appropriate career development tools and paths for the people you are trying to retain, but having a program designed for that purpose gets you way ahead of most companies.

Yes, the thought that people aren’t loyal and won’t stay no matter what you invest in them is, in fact, a myth.

There are two other ones in the link below.

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