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Linked – How Your Office Affects Your Mental Health and Increases Stress

This makes sense, we spend a lot of time at work, and once we add in a commute, it’s probably closer to 50% or more:

““People who are employed full-time outside the home spend approximately 33 percent of their waking hours at their workplace,” writes Jennifer Veitch, Ph.D., in a 2011 report on workplace design and mental health. That’s a lot of time to be cooped up in a less-than-optimal space. “Exposures to physical conditions at work that can affect one’s physical or mental health are both lengthy and frequent,” Veitch adds.”

The article below lists some ways the office is probably hurting, and it’s not good news for proponents of open office concepts, but don’t we all kind of know this already? Sitting at a desk without your own sense of space, constant ambient noise, with no privacy and removed from any natural light source is not going to be a net positive when it comes to employee moral, or mental health. The surprising thing is that someone sold an entire professional workforce on the idea that it would be, because they used the words teamwork and collaboration a lot. Beware the use of trendy words in sales pitches people.

But, I guess it’s cheaper, or something.

Well, not if you track turnover, but who wants to track that?

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