Keep Up With Your Updates

Hey you, the one browsing the web, responsible for your teams technology, or blogging on your own site. Let me tell you one of the most important things you can do to stay safe.

Keep your stuff updated! 

Cases in point –

Go update Chrome:

Chrome users, make sure you’ve got the very latest version.

Or, as Justin Schuh, one of Chrome’s well-known security researchers, put it:

[L]ike, seriously, update your Chrome installs… like right this minute.

Also, if you are running WordPress, like me, did you know that particular CMS, mostly due to it popularity, is responsible for 90% of the hacked CMS sites?

Wonder why?

Sucuri experts blamed most of the hacks on vulnerabilities in plugins and themes, misconfiguration issues, and a lack of maintenance by webmasters, who often forgot to update their CMS, themes, and plugins.

Look, I know this from experience. I had a site hacked through a SQL-injection because I left an outdated, and unused, WordPress install online. That took a lot of time and effort to clean up. You do not want this to happen to you.

So, please, keep up with your updates. It’s only one attack vector that hackers can use, but it’s an easy one to shut down.

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