Earlier this month, this blogged passed it’s 7th year of existence. The oldest entry on the site is from Oct. 8, 2001. I’ve never been one to keep track of the date and consider it impressive how long I’ve been doing this, so I actually missed it.

I also almost missed that yesterday’s entry was the 2500th entry. Wow, that’s a lot of writing. The blog, and the site has gone through a number of changes, the design has changed a few times, the focus has changed a bit, and the things I’ve decided to write, or not write, about over the years has changed.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is why I keep going after all this time. I started out as a way to interact with my peers, the folks running IT systems for small businesses. Now, my peer group has changed somewhat over the last 7 years, moving into Helpdesk stuff, and now on to Litigation Support, but the idea of blogging is still the same. I’m still doing this because I still value the ability to interact with peers. I still value the knowledge, ideas, and discussions that having your own blog, your own space on the vast web, enable.

Of course now, I also value something else about blogging. You want to know more about me, my ideas, and where I’m coming from professionally? Here’s 7 years and 2500 posts worth, and that’s just this blog. Doesn’t even count stuff I posted to a separate blog about beta testing Office 2003-2007, or my blog about being a Child Abuse Survivor, or the stuff I post to Twitter, Flickr, and other social networking sites. Seriously, there’s a TON of stuff that I’ve written out on the World Wide Web, if you’re curious about me and what makes me tick, wouldn’t take much to read up. 🙂

Of course, all of that writing isn’t about me, I’ve never really been in this to gain noteriety or anything more than to connect with folks and help each other get through our days. Hopefully somewhere in all this time, I’ve written something useful for you. I know I’ve gotten a ton out of being part of the blogospere, and continue to every day.

Here’s to the next 2500!

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  1. hey – congratulations Mike – thats pretty good going – especially as you’ve stuck with the same software all that time to do it. My blogs are on different hosts AND software which makes it harder to keep track of the time and statistics.

  2. Thanks guys! Yes Kevin, I had an old Geocities site (remember them?!?) that I started back in like 97-98 maybe? But it was 2001 when I bought my first domain and starting using Blogger to publish regular updates.

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