Busy weekend and more Intranet strangeness

There are new pics up on Finnegan’s blog and Angela’s blog that talk about where we were Saturday night, so I won’t try and add to them, although I do have a very cool picture that I need to post at some point. Needless to say, it was a busy Saturday, but it was fun and we spent yesterday resting before hitting the work week running today.

Speaking of, I discovered this morning that while none of the notification emails in WebCalendar were being sent when someone created an event on the public calendar, the email when I cancelled a test event that I had posted up there DID get sent to the person who’s going to be the Admin for those conference room calendars. Too bizarre! Of course, now I have to go explain to her what that email was all about, and I guess I’ll have her start beta-testing the calendar app now.

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