Linked – These 13 Bad Speaking Habits Are Killing Your Credibility

Is your class a group of individuals, or a room full of nameless, faceless, chairs?

“3. Generic Presentations

Not taking the time to tailor your presentation to your audience is a sure-fire way to lose your audience. You run the risk of sounding like you are on auto-pilot, and it’s disrespectful to people who have come to hear you speak. Making your presentation unique to your audience will help you deliver your information in a new way, and will keep your audience engaged.”

For training, I think this is the tricky one. Obviously, when teaching a class, especially as part of a certification, you have to cover the material. Doing so, while still being able to make it relevant to the audience, and their interests, requires something more than just knowing the material, it takes interpersonal skills and the ability to think on your feet. You have to know how to react to what the audience is giving you, without losing sight of the content of your course.

That’s a tricky line to walk, but doing it well results in a training engagement that leaves everyone better off.

The other 12 habits are things to look out for too!

These 13 Bad Speaking Habits Are Killing Your Credibility

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  1. You have to practice speaking a lot to look confident and engage people. Cool article. Many speakers need to know these basics.
    One of the problems in speaking is using filler words. I find that speech sounds much better if you don’t use um ah and such in your speech.

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