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Linked – A writer kept a blog for ten years. Google deleted it. Why?

Image by joe.ross
Image by joe.ross

“It’s worth noting, as Fusion editor Ethan Chiel did in the aforementioned episode of Press Play, that the practice of storing information in “the cloud” is a nebulous one. “The ‘cloud’ is just someone else’s hard drive,” he said, emphasizing that information and content we think of as “safe” simply because it’s located on a secure online platform can, in reality, be just as vulnerable to mishap and misplacement as files and information saved directly on our own computers.Yet as more people relocate their precious content — be it email, original writing, a lifetime’s worth of photos, etc. — to online storage systems and infrastructures, questions of who and what is safeguarding that content are rarely asked.”

The story of why Google deleted Coopers blog and email account is an interesting mystery, but for me, this was the area that grabbed my attention. “The cloud” is great as a place to store information, and make it accessible from anywhere. I use cloud services to store all kinds of data, on top of having a copy of it at home. The nice thing about cloud storage is that if something were to happen to my home, let’s say a fire destroyed my computer and my external drive backup, there’s still a copy in the cloud. Similarly, if any cloud service loses my data, I have a copy, or two, at home.

Always have a backup plan, because things go wrong.


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