Weekend traffic observations

Some random thoughts from looking at traffic patterns for this site:

Most of you read while you’re working. Not surprisingly, since I mostly blog about work, while I’m working. 🙂

Traffic peaks mid-week generally and drops slightly on Friday before dropping significantly over the weekend.

The drop in traffic on weekends is less in the winter time than the summer.

Just about all of you are either very religous or spend Sunday morning sleeping off Satuday night. (Or both maybe?) Traffic here on Sunday mornings is non-existant.

When I post doesn’t really change any of this. I’ve posted items at night and on weekends and the traffic patterns are unchanged. I’ve not posted during the weekdays, and people still come at similar rates.

I know all of these time-sensitive things are true because the vast majority of you are in the US and Canada.

There are very few sites that can affect a major increase in traffic by linking to something I’ve written. I assume that if I wrote about politics the number of sites that would have that sort of impact would increase, but I don’t, I’m mostly limited to tech blogs. (I’m already sick of reading about the 2004 election, you won’t find me blogging about it much at all!)

There are some very scary people using Google, and not just the typical fetish people. I have the word “Life” in my title, I come up sometimes in people looking for the meaning of life and other such things. Very odd…

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