How to aggravate hundreds in one easy step:

It’s easy, just take any three day weeekend, like this one, and leave an “out of office” auto-reply on your account, and please, oh please, misconfigure it so that it replies to every message on a mailing list. (Including it’s own messages of course, so that you just run a continous loop!) Nice job!

I got all the laptop updates taken care of yesterday, new versions of Trillian, the latest update to Zone Alarm, the cumulative patch for Internet Explorer, as well as getting all the settings correct to access stuff over my home network. I love my cable modem, this took hardly any time at all, while over a dialup this would have been hours of downloading.

Blogger Pro has been having some difficulties lately. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’re just temporary growing pains. In fact, I’m not sure when this post will publish, grr. (Naturally it did publish just a few minutes after I typed that. *L*)

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