Bundled software…

I meant to blog this yesterday but got distracted. I just thought of it today. One of our tenants here in our office building asked me to help him with his new keyboard. Seems he was out of town visiting his son and they went by the Gateway store looking for deals before they all went away. He got one of those fancy, 25 extra buttons for every function known to man, Logitech keyboards real cheap and wanted to use it on his office computer. Since I figured this was a 5 minute job, and he’s a nice guy, I’d do it even though I’m not obligated to do tech support for his business.

It was a 5 minute job and was mostly just non-descript except for installing the driver. Naturally, with all those extra functions, you can’t just use a generic keyboard driver, you’ve got to run the install on the CD. When it asked me to verify the software I wanted to install, I found checked by default the keyboard software, a shortcut to eBay, MusicMatch, and the Wild Tangent Game Channel. That’s a whole lot of extras for a freakin’ keyboard!

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