Techless days

The in-laws have departed, and, hopefully, I can get to work on that laptop software tonight. Seeing as how my wife and I just napped for a good 3 hours, I should have plenty of energy to work on that, eh? There’s nothing better than Sunday afternoon naps, can I just say that?

While they were here, we went to see Monsters Ball the new movie with Billy Bob Thornton and Halle Berry. How was it? In a word, bleak. It was portrayed as more of an uplifting movie experience than it really is. I, personally, did not leave the theater thinking about how good the human race has the potential to be, but how awful. Maybe that’s just because I am a cynic at heart :). Or maybe it was because we went to one of those 30 screen mall theaters, which normally is tolerable, but this was a new one for me and it was not very pleasant. There were too many people walking into the theater and trying to find seats after the lights went out and the previews were playing, and being rather rude about it. It occurs to me, however, that this doesn’t happen in other theaters for this simple reason. The people who built this place obviously flunked math. 30 screens, however many hundreds of people coming in and out, 1 (ONE!!!) concession stand with maybe 5-6 lines. You had to get there plenty early if you wanted popcorn, and if you didn’t, you had to find your seats in the dark. Blah!

OK, off to have some food and then to get some work done.

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