Frankie redux

I did start getting hits from a different referrer today, a link list at frankieboots. So now that the hits have started coming through an actual link on his link list page, instead of the main page, I have to wonder what made me so special? It’s all very mysterious. But you gotta love anyone who would play the Misfits as their background music, don’t you? Update: It appears that now that I’ve got this mystery linkage figured out, another site is showing up in my referreers that looks suspiciously similar to frankie, and also has no link to me. What is this, referrer spam?

Admins left to fix Microsoft’s browser mess -I guess the recent patch to IE is creating another problem when it comes to accessing sites with some VBScript stuff. Figures, seems like quite a few patches to software wind up creating more problems than they fix doesn’t it?

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