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Firda has created the CSS colouring book -“a collection of plain, CSS-intensive weblog layouts that are free for the taking. All the layouts are hugware, which means that if you decide to use any of them, you are required to give someone a hug, or else something bad is going to happen to you.” Great job!

Cam has an interesting point about how AOL, Earthlink, hotmail and probably countless other “services” might be inflating their user numbers; never delete old, unused accounts!

Deadly Bloody Serious has a good discussion of how AvantGo has become clueless with their recent announcement to start charging streams with more than 8 subscribers as commercial feeds. 8 subscribers? Gee if I got my parents, all of my brothers and my wife to use Avantgo with a wireless device to get my blog updates, that would be 8 subscribers. Hardly a commercial enterprise.

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