That was quick

Yes, as someone pointed out in the comments, the new domain did go live last night, probably close to 12 hours from when I first registered it. That’s pretty quick service, if I do say so myself. 🙂

Anyway, for the moment all that is there is an exact copy of the current Child Abuse blog, and I’m sure even some of the links don’t work. Never fear, there’s plans for things to change quite a bit, including the possibility of trying out a whole new blogging tool, so I didn’t feel like there was too much point in trying to get the current stuff exactly right. I’m sure you’ll excuse me if I spend a little time trying out some things out over there, although you know I’ll come back here and report on what works, doesn’t work, etc.

Speaking of things that work, I did, finally, get the latest build of Syndirella installed last night. As reported, the one character only display problem was fixed and that made it much more useable for me. There are still some bugs and stability issues (I had followed a link in an entry and then went “back” to the feed view only to actually watch the toolbar disappear one icon at a time.) but I think there’s some real potential for those who would like to read RSS feeds in an Outlook-style interface.

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