On the other hand..

Turns out the network cable wasn’t unplugged, but somehow, someway the data-port just went dead on us. Has this ever happened to you? I’m thinking some sort of electrical short or something from the desk hitting it, but that seems somewhat far-fetched. Especially considering the telephone jack still works fine! I’m not an electrician, so I have no idea how feasible a short is. So after various testing, working with the movers to try different cables, different laptops, we finally re-wired the office. Turns out that this particular office has two data ports, only one of which was active. So down to the wiring closet to switch the active connection to the other port, grab the spare 50 foot CAT5 cable, plug it in, run it all the way around the office against the baseboards, plug everything up, voila it works! Now I have to make a Microcenter run tomorrow to get another 50 foot cable. Those come in handy when people are doing presentations off the network in the conference room, I like to have one laying around. I need to see if they have a copy of Windows NT as well, since our solution to MS not making it available in the future is to buy a couple of spare copies now, rather than, say, actually upgrading anything. But that’s another story.

Needless to say, I was slightly hot and sweaty by the time this was finished, just in time to move more PC’s in preparation for tonight’s round of re-carpeting, including moving that nice, heavy HP 8000 printer!

I came home and took a shower while Angela prepared dinner, for fear of ruining her appetite with my odor at the table. 🙂

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