So how was your weekend?

This has been a great weekend for us. We’ve been out, doing fun things, and I’ve had a boatload of opportunities for pictures. First up, this weekend was the Tour de Grandview, a series of cycling races that take part over the weekend. Since the race course is only a few blockes from our house, we got out to get some practice taking doing a little sports photography both Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday's Womens Race

Of course, I would be remiss to all the geeks out there if I didn’t also talk about the Star Wars exhibit going on here at COSI. We had tickets for the first “show” this morning.

C3P0 and Vader Outfits

The exhibit was very cool, well worth checking out, but I have to warn you. Part of the exhibit is a 4 plus minute show that is a basic planetarium type lesson, but you sit in the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon. They can do 6 people at a time in this show. They sell 200 tickets per hour to the exhibit. You do the math. The later in the day you get there, the longer that line to the Falcon gets, and the less chance you’ll even make it. Go in the first group!

More photos from both events are available at my Flickr page, and I assume Angela will have some of her own on hers soon.

We also took some pictures at our company picnic, but I won’t be posting any of those publically. I will, however, have a couple of nice shots of kids to share with their parents, or aunts/uncles as may be the case.

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