Practice makes perfect

Like anything in life, as well as technology, the best way to learn and get better at something is to practice it. I’m looking forward this weekend to getting a whole lot of practice with photography this weekend. While plenty of folks who’ve seen my abilities with landscape photography, and I’m fairly proud of how much better I’ve gotten at that the last few years, I know I have some serious deficiencies when it comes to other areas of photography. Tomorrow, I’m taking the Minolta D50 to our company picnic. That will give me an opportunity, I hope, to get some more practice shooting people, and activity as well as using the new zoom lens I boght for it a little while ago. I simply don’t get many opportunities to do that. (I’m pretty shy, so asking people if I could take their picture to get practice just isn’t really a very good option for me. There will be people I know there with their kids, seems like a good chance to take pictures of kids and provide them to the parents, assuming they turn out well.)

Then on Sunday, with the Star Wars exhibit I talked about yesterday, Angela and I will both probably be armed with cameras trying to capture more indoors-type stuff in new and imaginative ways.

Hopefully, a little practice will help me get better and better at something I thoroughly enjoy doing. It’s something to keep in mind when working with technology as well. There’s no replacement for hands-on practice.

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