I almost made it too!

One of the unique things about being sick, is how quickly your energy and stamina are just gone. I spent just about all of the last three days in bed. Last night, I got winded carrying a bag of trash down one flight of stairs in our house. Every time I spent 30 minutes actually doing something, like showering, getting dressed, etc. I needed a nap.

Today, feeling somewhat better, but not great, I managed to get myself to work. I’ve even managed to get some things accomplished, despite the fact that just walking down the hall to get some coffee made me feel quite tired. I comforted myself with the knowledge that at least there wasn’t any physical labor included as a normal part of my day, and that I’d be feeling better in no time.

Then, at 4:20, just a scant 40 minutes from getting through the day without any major physical activity, someone’s monitor shorted and needed replaced. Not a big job, but a good 15 minutes of crawling under a desk, removing cables, carrying off the old monitor, unpacking and carrying in the new monitor, connecting cables, etc.

I’m exhausted…

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