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Hmm, now that I read that last post, the thoughts weren’t random at all. I originally started out thinking they would be, but it didn’t last long, I got off on a tangent that wound up being the whole post. I also meant to talk about the fact that I’ve added a handful of blogs to the blogrolling lists over on the side. I wanted to talk a little bit about how you decide what blog you’re going to read again, what one’s you’re going to link to, which one’s you don’t, and why. For myself, I look for two things in a blog. Is the writing enjoyable? This includes having a sense of humor, intelligence, humility, good style, etc., or am I struggling through poor style, poor writing, outrageous jargon, or self-centered drivel to get to your point? Secondly, do you have something to say that interests me? This means that what you say inspires me to learn more, or educates me in some way, or at least entertains me. If you don’t, forget getting a link from me!

Most of the folks on my blogroll lists were discovered through referrer links. They linked to me, which got my attention and after I took a look at their site, I decided to link back and continue reading them. There are some exceptions, but that’s the best way to get my attention. I don’t always have time to go looking for new blogs, but my own curiosity makes me check out anyone who’s linked to me, to see what they said about me! The other way is if one of my regular reads links to you, and it’s something I’m interested in enough to follow the link and take a look at. Most of them offer up some wonderful knowledge, some interesting ideas, some entertaining insights, etc. that keep me coming back. They are hardly the only blogs out there doing it, but they’re the one’s I know about and keep going back to. You’ll notice that being a big name and popular is not a prerequisite for my blogroll lists, nor is having ever been to this site and reading what I have to say. It’s my blogroll, baby, I’ll put whoever I feel like on there! *L* All you have to do is impress me!

What sorts of things keep you coming back to a blog?

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