What I accomplished over the weekend

Well, I managed to get everything setup for our new employee in record time, mostly thanks to our ISP putting a rush job on the email account. (And I even managed not to scream at anyone, though I was mightily tempted..)

Now I can write about what got accomplished on the site over the weekend while I eat my lunch.

I cleaned up the HTML in the Navigation bar on all the sub-folder pages. I had cleaned up the top-level pages a couple of weeks ago, I finally got around to cleaning them up on the other pages this weekend. The alt tags are now on the nav bar, which was a Dreamweaver project, due to the Find/Replace function. Now I can get to work on cleaning up the rest of the code with that big part out of the way.

I also removed the counters from all of those pages. I’ll use Analog for stats from now on.

I sorted all of the pics that are currently being hosted on the Geocities site, and added a few more, into folders on my hard drive. They are ready to be added into web albums and generated. First I have to scan some additions to those pics, and a pile of pics from my Hocking Hills trip last month. Once I have all the albums generated and uploaded, I’ll be creating a new Photo page, hosted locally, with links to all the albums, which will also be local. A few of the smaller pic pages may stay the same, or be moved off altogether, I haven’t decided.

Once I have the Photo page created, it will replace the “forum” button on the navigation bar through out the whole site, and the forums will be no more. At least for now.

After all of that is complete, I’ll begin moving over different chunks of the geocities site, one at a time. I’ll be redesigning and updating as I go. The Child abuse stuff will remain separate from the tech stuff, although they will obviously have some overlapping links, to the photos for example.

I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me..

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