The questions that defy answers.

Questions like, which is more annoying, sending an email to all of staff asking them not to do something, and less than three weeks later finding someone doing that exact thing, or having a request for something given to you, with important information missing, asking for that information, and not getting any response?

And, is it fair for me to have to deal with both of these things on a Monday? Or, is Monday the perfect day for these things to come up, because it is Monday and this is what we expect on Mondays?

Lastly, is there some sort of formula that determines how much crap you have to deal with on Monday, based inversely on how fun and relaxing your weekend was? Does it factor in the weather, too? Like, are Mondays in the Spring and Summer crappier than Mondays in the Winter? What if you like snow? Is it the opposite?

Is it Tuesday yet? 😉

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