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I’ve been reading Todd Cochrane’s Podcasting book that I won from the Chuck Chat Technorama Show 50 contest.

My impressions of the book have been really positive. It’s really written with enough techincal information to keep the geek in all of us interested, while still being easy enough to follow for the newbie. It covers everything you’d want to know about what podcasting is, how to get involved with listening to them and how to produce your own podcast. Todd gives some good advice covering the whole spectrum to those of us who just want to talk and produce some audio content, all the way to those who want to do much more serious, professional sounding podcasts, including how to deal with hosting and how to use weblog software to produce your RSS feed with enclosures.

Granted, as a long-time subscriber to various podcasts, I mostly just skimmed through the first 3-4 chapters where he covers the basics of listening to podcasts, but I was able to get through this book very quickly because it’s written in a very easy-to-read conversational tone. At the same time, I think it’ll make a good resource to keep around on the bookshelf for when you have questions, or just need to refer to it again.

Well done Todd, and thanks again to him, and Chuck and Kregge from Chuck Chat Technorama.

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