Podcasting stuff from the weekend

Just a few notes, Kevin has created a In The Trenches listener button that you can use to help promote his podcast for sys. admins.

ITT Listener Button

He’s also set up a CafePress shop to promote the show, and help defray the bandwidth costs.

Meanwhile, Chad, who has recently started a podcast of his own, setup a new site called Podcasting247, where he hopes podcasters will come to promote their shows, and take part in some discussions about podcasting. As someone who is interested in the genre, I’ll be paying attention to how things go over there.

And no, don’t worry, I’m not going to start my own podcast. I don’t have the free time, nor do I want the added pressure to come up with content for it, the two sites are enough work as it is! I’m quite happy making the occasional contribution to In the Trenches or other podcasts as the opportunities come

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