Never let the truth get in the way of a good story

Web Movie Piracy Up 20 Pct or More This Year-Study -now what I want you to notice about this story is not so much the main fact, but the way in which certain internet technologies are portrayed, because I believe this is a precursor to an attack by the MPAA and RIAA against Usenet and IRC. (And eventually everyone who runs a web server beyond their control??) To quote:

“being illegally transferred daily over Internet channels such as usenet, IRC, Gnutella (news – web sites) and FastTrack.”…

“During peak hours about 2.5 million users were logged on to the file-swapping Internet Relay Chat –“

First it starts out lumping them in with file sharing services, and then it winds up actually referring to IRC as one. Nevermind the millions of people using IRC and Usenet for legitimate purposes, just assume, for the sake of your own argument, that everyone logged in IRC is file-swapping copyrighted material. Yeah that’s the ticket!

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