Sometime over the weekend I’ll be doing some updating of blogrolls, adding some, removing others, etc. Mostly I’ll be removing folks who just aren’t updating very often, or folks who’s blog have evolved into subjects that don’t really interest me any longer. Don’t take it personally, it happens, just as I’m sure some people have quit reading my blog because the subject matter didn’t interest them any more. For example, if I suddenly went from a mostly-tech centered blog to talking about photography all the time, some of you would leave, correct? (Don’t worry, I’m not, this blog is still a big part of my professional life, and my professional life is still in IT!) I wouldn’t take it personally, though, and neither should any of you. Of course, I really doubt the people I’m thinking of dropping would care all that much either, they probably don’t even know I read them. 🙂

With that said, it’s simply time for some changes, not necessarily in what goes on here, or what it looks like, but it’s time for some fresh ideas from some different bloggers!

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