Scoble’s got a link and some of his own comments on Orkut. I pretty much agree, I didn’t find myself going over there much after the first few days. There simply wasn’t enough to hold my interest, even in the communities, which is maybe the best part of Orkut. The problem there is that those communities, for the most part, already exist elsewhere. I already have a community of bloggers, and of IT people on my blogroll, or who leave comments here. I already know of and check out a number of photography community sites, and I’m just not much of a networker because I do feel rude sending a message to someone I don’t know at all just because they’re listed as a friend of someone I do happen to know. That’s not really how networking works, networking is getting your friend to introduce you to and start a conversation between you and the other friend of theirs. I get the impression that social software tries to cut out the middle man and let you do that yourself, but that really misses the “social” part of networking and moves it much closer to “marketing”, which is rude in this context.

Later: Some more thoughts on social networking sites that I want to read.

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