I have a question. If you’re a tech recruiter, or know a tech recruiter can you help me out? I want to know, when you’re a tech recruiter, why do you contact people without even looking at their resume first, and why do you lie about the job you’re calling about? Seriously, last week I got a call from a tech recruiter. The discussion started around the fact that he had a postion in Columbus that he wanted to talk to me about. During the course of the conversation, he indicated he didn’t know any of my qualifications because he didn’t have a copy of my resume. After I explained to him what I do, that it’s all “hand’s on” work and I would not want to, nor really be very good at, a telephone helpdesk type job, he proceeded to tell me that this wasn’t like that at all. In fact I would be managing the rollout of PDA software. Something I have never done, and really am not qualified for. He said that if I was familiar with PDA’s that would be enough. So I sent him my resume. He sent me a brainbench qualifications test. I took the test, and passed, there was nothing on it about PDA software. Then, I saw the job he was talking about, posted by his company on Monster on Monday. The job description?

This person will be responsible for answering incoming helpdesk telephone calls.


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