Meetings, ick!

I just took a look at my schedule for the next few days and into next week and noticed that I have a bunch of meetings coming up, oh joy! This run down should give you an idea of what a wide variety of things I have to deal with in my job, so here it is.

I have a meeting to explain to our Communications Director that the printed newsletter we do now is not going to be easy to re-format into an HTML newsletter, that she’d be better off creating an HTML newsletter and then trying to get the printed document out of that. (Currently they use PageMaker to get the printed version, getting from a PageMaker document to an HTML layout is tedious, to say the least.) Unless I can somehow find a way to make it not tedious, but I’m not having much luck there.

I need to meet with my boss to discuss training issues, both my own and the rest of staff. (Including getting work to pay for Gnomedex, maybe?) As part of that, I need her to tell me where we are headed with tech needs over the next 2-3 years, since that will alter the current training plans, but I seriously doubt anyone in management has thought that far ahead.

I have to attend the Microsoft Licensing Seminar on Friday, to learn about their new licensing rules and how they may apply to us.

I have a meeting next week with a rep from the database company we use to go over the upgrade versions of their software, and which might suit our needs. Although much of that discussion depends completely on the 2-3 year plan, discussed above, so I’m not sure what I’m looking for in this meeting. At this point I’m going with what I think we need, but I have no authority to do anything about what I think we need, I need to convince both my boss and the President that what I think we need, is actually what we need, but that’s no easy task. Their level of tech savvy and vision for using technology is limited, to say the least.

I dislike meetings, they take up too much time and don’t accomplish enough to merit the time.

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