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I just discovered this blog by Sara today, and was really taken aback by her story, since she was working in the same field I do, eDiscovery.

I was driving down the road, same as I did every morning when I glanced over at a tree and thought to myself “Is there a way I can wreck my car just enough to end up in the hospital for a few weeks, not in critical condition just enough that I can’t work for a few weeks. That’s the one place they can’t expect me to work or get to me” (I had tried to go on vacation a few times, but was pulled back into working the entire time I was gone). I remember snapping back to reality and realizing what I had just said. I sat in my car for a few extra minutes when I got to work, pondering where my brain had just gone and quite frankly it scared me. I made a deal with myself that day, that I was more important then any job, I was was going to make a change and that my physical and mental well-being meant more.

I honestly don’t think she was a lone in experiencing that, and what I’d really like to see is not just people in that kind of position taking the approach that Sara did, but enough people doing it that we actually see some change from the top of the field. Maybe if enough people decide their job isn’t worth the mental health drain that they are experiencing, management will recognize that the expectations need to change, and their behavior needs to change.—physical-and-mental-wellness-in-the-workplace

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