Linked – How George H.W. Bush used handwritten thank-you notes to build bridges

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This is an interesting example to consider, professionally and personally.

He carved out time most evenings to write cards and thank-you notes. He wrote so many that they fill a 700-page book, “All the Best, George Bush,” which serves as his memoir. Bush found the idea of writing about himself distasteful. Modesty was ingrained in him, a legacy of his moneyed Connecticut upbringing with its emphasis on self-restraint and good manners. That’s also at the root of his thousands of thank-yous and other notes he popped in the mail throughout his long .

It was also good .

How many of us could do with setting aside some time to say thank you? Even in an email or text, let alone a handwritten note? (Which are the better choice, let’s be honest.)


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