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Linked: LinkedIn’s Rolling Out Photo-Tagging, New Photo Stickers

I can already hear the cries of “this is not Facebook, keep it professional!”. I know, I know, but you have to realize that while LinkedIn may have started as a social media site created around work, and our professional lives, they face the same challenge that every other social media site does, and Social Media Today nails that:

Some of these options may seem out of place on LinkedIn – but then again, if people use them…

That’s the true measure. Observers and critics can say what they like, but if such additions end up increasing on-platform engagement, they could prove to be big winners for LinkedIn.

LinkedIn may not seem the same as Facebook or Twitter, but they need users to actually stay on the platform, to be engaged with other users, to be “social” in order for the platform to be successful. We can’t be surprised then that they will try and implement some of the most popular features of other social networks.

You and I may see LinkedIn as a way of keeping up with our professional networks, or having a place where someone can find us for professional opportunities, but we should also not forget that the network’s success is based on revenue, from selling premium memberships and advertising. The value of both of those goes up if more people are on the site to see them.

It’s all about the attention.

You can read more about what LinkedIn seems to be rolling out, or at least experimenting with at the link.

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