Linked – Google+ Will Shut Down After User Data Breach, Report Says

This is pretty much the opposite of “Don’t Be Evil”.

“A Google+ security breach gave outside developers access to the private data of hundreds of thousands of the social network’s users between 2015 and March 2018, according to a Wall Street Journal report. Google neglected to report the breach to the public, allegedly out of fear that the company would face regulations and damage to its reputation, according to sources and documents obtained by the Wall Street Journal.”

This is bad, and hiding it is outrageous, not to mention quite likely against the law. Google should absolutely end Google+, but can we really trust any of Google’s products now?


Update: Google is going to be shuttering Plus in 2019, and yes it does also seem like a nice tidy excuse to go ahead and kill off a product that wasn’t really working for them.

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