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Linked – Solar Eclipse Will Cost Employers A Staggering Amount Of Money In Lost Productivity

I am so sick of these stories –

“Compared to the amount of wages being paid to an employee over a course of a year, it is very small,” Challenger told the Post. “It’s not going to show up in any type of macroeconomic data.”

Then why do the story?

Well one, because any major media outlet online is looking for a way to grab their share of the eclipse zeitgeist, and two, nothing gets employers dander up like a good story about how their employees are wasting time!

But maybe the better question is, why are we still measuring employees in terms of industrial revolution outputs? Is the amount of time someone sits at their desk what provides value to you as an employer, or does the work and ideas generated no matter what time of day, or where your employee is located, bring value? Few people work on an assembly line, why do we measure people like they do?

Yes, I’m looking at you too legal industry.


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