Instead of prepping for those meetings this afternoon, I’ve spent most of it dealing with telephone technicians. Granted, the dude they sent out to take a look at this random problem we’ve been having was cool enough, and knowledgeable enough, but it was still a lot of time taken out of my day to try and deal with this stuff. He’s now replaced all 3 cards in the telephone wiring closet, so there should no longer be any shorts, right? Keep your fingers crossed!

On top of that I’ve got a laptop who’s remote control mechanism for presentations is on the fritz, and needs to be replaced. Of course their tech support people told my user to try and “hot-wire it” (Their term, not mine), and that seemed to have created havoc with his serial splitter for standard keyboard and mouse inputs. I think we’ve gotten that taken care of ok, I just had to undo what they told him to do and do a cold boot and eveything went back to normal again. He needs a new cable for the remote control thingy, which is proprietary and needs to be ordered from California, of course. At least he didn’t get mad at me for that, he was the one who made the buying decision on the thing in the first place, so it’s not my fault. 😉

Hopefully I’ll be working on uploading some of the pics from Boston tonight. Of course, that assumes I’m not distracted too much by the Islanders-Maple Leafs Game 4, so I’m not making any promises on having them ready tonight or anything. *L*

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