Getting back on track

OK, now that I’ve finally gotten work caught up, maybe now I can stand to look at a computer screen when I go home and get some other projects done! I tried last night, and actually did get some work done as far as getting some resumes out to various places, and grabbing a couple of MP3’s that I’ve been meaning to get as a sample of the current Seanchai and coming Black 47 CD’s. (Both of these particular songs revolve around 9/11 and are very poignant reminders. )

Unfortunately, a cold/sore throat/overall run down feeling overcame any attempt to do much more. I’m still feeling it, but hopefully I can get some things accomplished soon anyway. I need to upgrade the other blog to a new version of Movable Type (I need to remember to configure it to ping blogrolling while I’m in there messing with it..)

I also need to break out the new machine at home and try my hand at setting up Active Directory. I’ve got a stable Win2000 server eval going, it’s time to play around with it and learn as much as I can about it, and try and learn some about the Linux workstation I’ve got going on the older machine at the same time.

At least I’m caught up on emails and blog reading, for the moment. That’s a workload in and of itself. 🙂

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