Yeah the morning’s been busy, (isn’t work always busy in IT?) but it’s been busy in a more calm, cool way than things have been. It’s been busy in the way that has you holed up by yourself working on stuff in your own office, not in dealing with and explaining things to a bunch of different people. To me, there’s a world of difference!

So far today I’ve gotten a previous employee’s files archived to CD, (and off my network, freeing up 1.5GB of space!!) pulled up a bunch of reports for various people, updated Mozilla to version 1.3, which did get rid of the crashing problem I discovered last week, answered emails, made database changes, and just generally enjoyed not having any “emergencies” to deal with. My mood is so much better. (Yeah the Irish music I brought in special for St. Patrick’s Day is helping the mood too!)

We’ll see what the afternoon holds…

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