Back at it

It was a nice 4 day weekend, even though we spent all but the few hours we were at my parents Christmas Day inside the house. It’s still cold and icy here in Columbus, but they are promising us warmer weather starting tomorrow, so maybe some of this ice will, finally, start to melt!

I won’t complain though, given the events of this weekend in other areas of the world, a little snow and ice is nothing. We didn’t even lose power!

Mean time there’s a ton of stuff for me to get done this week at work, so I probably won’t have the mental energy to work with one of my Christmas gifts, VMWare, but I’ve already been out playing with the new camera lens-filters, listening to the new CD’s and the picture my wife got me is already hung in the living room. She’s been busy with the Nintendo DS, so I don’t really have much to say about playing that yet. Maybe she’ll tell you more about it. 🙂

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