Be careful with distribution lists

I was reminded of this when I got back from vacation. Since I wasn’t going to be working at the help desk, they removed me from the “Helpdesk” Exchange distribution list Monday morning. Unfortunately, we used that group as a member of every other list I was supposed to be on so I didn’t get any group emails while I was gone.

We try to do everything based on one group membership so that when someone leaves, or starts, we only make the change in one place. So, for example, HelpDesk is a member of the IS Department list, which is a member of the professional staff list, which is a member of the Columbus office list, which is a member of the whole firm. When I got removed from Helpdesk, I got removed from every list.

On the plus side, I really had no emails to get caught up on when I returned. On the other hand, there were a number of things I needed to know about, and didn’t because no one added me as an individual to the IS Department list until I realized the problem and did it Thursday afternoon.

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