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Looks like Kunal has come up with a solution for Robert’s aggregator blog that should keep everyone happy:

“His new version will post titles, and some text from the body, and post that. Only a small portion, though, not the entire text.”

That’s excellent, I was really worried that he would switch over to a typical “link-blog” which is not one of my favorite things in the world. Simply put, unless you have really descriptive links, I don’t have time to follow all the links on your link-blog to find the one or two that might be interesting to me. I’ve found that most people don’t put enough in the text of their links to help you decide whether the link is relevant to you. (Myself included, which is why I’ve really tried to not do posts with just a bunch of links and no real discussion of what will be found there.)

Looking forward to seeing it back in my aggregator!

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