April Fool’s

After reading about how AOL bought out the rights to a bunch of popular bloggers today, I realize that there is absolutely nothing I can put up here that anyone is likely to take seriously. (Of course, how seriously do you take me any other day? *L*) While I prefer to think of this day as something else, (April 1, 2000 was the first date that Angela and I went on. We saw Hi-Fidelity and had dinner at Applebee’s, and naturally, ran into a co-worker when we were trying to keep our office romance a secret.) to most of the world it is the day to not believe a word anyone says! So given that, let me just say that I did get the blog associated with my child abuse site moved over to this server and all the links updated to point to it here from there. It’s not a regular part of this site, but it does need some work, so I may be focusing on that until this April Fool’s craziness is over!

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