Bug Fixes

Had a bit more of an email exchange today with Andrew from the Newzcrawler Team about the permalinks. He figured out where the problem was, promised to get it fixed in the next version and gave me some ideas for a workaround. Very helpful! Turns out that the problem lies in the way their embedded browser handles anchors on a blog page. Since they were using a “fast” content display method, the browser saw all anchors as being the same document, so the links to anchors never opened. However, if you right click on the news item instead of opening it in the quick-view browser, you can choose to view it in a real browser window and it will actually take you to the site, and to the anchor in the page for that post. So it’s nice now that I can browse the news items using the program and then still be able to go to the site in the browser if I want to read further, but it’ll be even nicer when I don’t have to switch back out of the quick-view browser to do it.

Again, it’s a very cool feeling when someone takes the time to not only work on this, but to turn around and thank you for helping them find the bug. I can’t usually get that level of customer service for software I pay for, let alone freeware!

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